Temporary Road Closure Barford Rd

This road will be closed from number 40 - 60, from 25/6/18 - 6/7/18 in order to install a sewer. Access may be allowed from time to time as per local signage. Any queries should be made to:


Potential Development off The Hill of 29 homes

Optimis Consultancy attended the Parish Council meeting on 29/5/18 7pm to share their ideas for a development of up to 29 homes on land off of The Hill opposite Park Lane.  They now intend to start work on putting together a planning application, & once that has been submitted, Central Beds Council will issue a public consultation.


Blunham on TV!

Blunham was featured on the Village of Year programme, Channel 4, 23/1/18  & 27/1/8, reaching the semi finals - a great achievement.


Street Lighting LED Project

 The Parish Council has replaced the lanterns on the street lights for which it is responsible with LED lights. These last longer, give a brighter light and use less electricity so are cheaper to run in the longer term.


The Council has 46 lights for which it is responsible. It did consider replacing them over a three year programme but would get a much better price if they were done in one go.


The cost for replacing all the lights is £12,218


The Council has an earmarked reserve of  £5,589.00


We have borrowed the balance from a company called SALIX of £6,639.00


This will be repaid at a yearly rate of £1,328.00 over 5 years


This loan is interest free.


Central Bedfordshire Council Local Plan

The draft plan has now been published. This outlines where development is likley to take place over the next 20 years.

Here is a link

 The majority of development appears to be via new villages & town extensions. This includes a new market town at Tempsford Airfield (7k homes). Central Beds Council has stated it will seek to secure a small proportion of development in existing villages – approximately 2k homes. The 9 sites put forward by Blunham land owners have been assessed, & none have been included (although 3 of them have already gained planning permission & are progressing). 


Station Rd Traffic Calming

 Residents may remember that in the Parish Plan traffic speeds were highlighted as an issue in various roads. The only road we have yet to try & tackle is Station Rd. During 2016/17 we set some more funding aside for this, & Highways agreed to carry out some investigations in order to see what possible options there are, & at what cost.  The research has taken several months, but the engineers have come up with a scheme suitable for the location which consists of 3 raised tables spread out along the road. The cost of the scheme is considerable, & we will have to contribute 50%. Highways have confirmed they intend to deliver the scheme during 2018/19. Their first stop will be a public consultation.


Japanese Knotweed -This invasive non-native plant has found its way into Blunham & has caused damage to the pavement. If you have this plant growing on your land, you are legally required to ensure it does not spread outside of your boundary. Failure to comply with the regulations can lead to a fine of up to £5,000. You must also follow strict regulations regarding disposal of the plant. The government has issued a fact sheet about it, which can be seen on We would urge all residents to familiarise themselves with this plant & act responsibly if it is spotted.

Related image 


 Potential Development adjacent John Donne School

We have been made aware of a potential development that may be put forward adjacent to the school, to include off road parking for the school & approx 16 dwellings. See the Parish Council Minutes March 2015 for more information. If and when a planning application is submitted the Parish Council will endeavour to keep residents informed.


Community Speed Watch

 Community Speed Watch is a scheme to help people reduce traffic speeding through their neighbourhood. Excessive speed through neighbourhoods is one of the most common issues raised with Councillors and has an impact not only on road safety but on the quality of life for those residents that endure it. The scheme enables volunteers to work within their community to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding and to help control the problem locally.


The scheme currently operates in the area's administered by Bedford Borough Council and Central Bedfordshire Council and  is supported by Luton Borough Council, Bedfordshire Police and  Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. Community Speed Watch can be set up in any ward, village or parish governed by a 20/30/40 miles per hour speed limit. 


Community Speed Watch seeks to promote safer driving in our local communities by educating rather than prosecuting individuals. Data collected by Community Speed Watch groups will be passed to Bedfordshire Police who may undertake speed checks and result in drivers being prosecuted. 

 Community Speed Watch requires a group of at least two trained volunteers to operate. 

 Having registered as a volunteer you will be offered a training course run by Bedfordshire Police. The course covers the use of the equipment, training in conflict resolution and an option for basic first aid. The course can be arranged at various locations around the County. The training comprises of three modules and if all the modules are taken it will last for approximately six hours.

 When a group decide to run a Community Speed Watch session they will arrange to take delivery of the equipment from the Police and then notify Police Headquaters prior to the commencement of the session. 

 The volunteers will then run the session noting the date, time, colour, make, model and registration number of any vehicles exceeding the speed limit. The results will then be forwarded to the Police who will then arrange for the registered keeper of the vehicle to be written to, informing them that the vehicle was detected exceeding the speed limit, giving the location, date and time. Persistent speeders will receive a second letter but on the third occasion they can expect further action to be taken by the police.

 Information showing the number of Community Speed Watch operations along with other speed monitoring and enforcement activities across Bedfordshire will be posted on the Community Watch calendar.

  Volunteering - If you would like to volunteer to be a member of a speed watch group in Blunham please contact Gill Jones at


A1 Re route

 We have been made aware there is a new project underway to consider rerouting the A1 in Bedfordshire. We understand a strategic study is being produced later this year for submission to government ministers in 2017, followed by a full public consultation in 2018/19. We will try & keep abreast of what is going on & keep you posted. 


Community Messaging (aka Ringmaster)

This is a system run be “Beds alert” on behalf of Bedfordshire Police. It is quick & easy way to be notified of any local crime – usually by email or Twitter. To register please go to


Greensand Ridge Funding

  The Greensand Ridge runs from Leighton Buzzard to Sandy. It runs close to Blunham so it may be possible Blunham based applicants may be able to apply for funding for suitable schemes.

 There are 2 sides to the Project:

  "Secrets of The Sands" - is focussing on improving the ridge itself to strengthen & improve the landscape making it a better visitor attraction, so this includes improvements to access, planting, signage, heritage etc etc. 

  There is also the Greensand Ridge Local Action Group which is aiming to promote rural business, services, farming & tourism in the area. 

  Anyone can apply for funding for relevant schemes that meet the overall aims of the project. This includes individual businesses, farmers, community groups etc etc.

The criteria for each stream of funding is documented.


Flood Risk Survey – A meeting was held on 13/11/14 & attended by PCllrs Glanvill & Marner with UCllr Maudlin & Steve Thomas from Central Beds Council & Joanne Chillinsworth the consultant employed by Central Beds Council. They had specifically been investigating the flooding at the junction of the High Street & Tempsford Rd. The culvert is in poor condition & is blocking too easily & needed to be wider but not higher. Channel maintenance would be beneficial & Mr Thomas would follow this up with Highways. He would also contact the land owner with regard to ditch maintenance. Discussion took place regarding other properties flooding when it rains heavily at the bottom of the High Street Lack of drain emptying was identified as as issue throughout the village including Station Road. Ms Chillingworth will investigate using a wider culvert and look into diverting the discharge point of this into a different location so that the run off from the fields and village do not meet the rise of the river as much as it  does at the moment. 

A report has now been produced by the consultants with reccomendations for Central Beds Council to consider - here is a link -


Flood Risk Assessment update September 2015 – UCllr Maudlin has reported that Steve Thomas CBC Senior Engineer, Flood Risk Management is carrying out some improvement works around The Pound in the next couple of months. They will be clearing the vegetation to expose the channel through The Pound area and widening the channel where they can. There is a tree next to No. 90 High St (the end property next to The Pound) whose roots are restricting the flow in the ditch, and they may look to have this removed or reduced in height. There are electricity cables close by which may complicate matters but they will liaise with UK Power Networks to find a solution.



Under the governments new voucher scheme, small & medium sized business are eligible to a voucher of up to £3000 to help them get broadband connected - go to The Superfast Broadband Rollout programme can be seen on Central Beds Councils website


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